Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know

I need a website built for my business, but I already have a design in mind. Also, I need to incorporate some features into it. Is it possible?
Symple Market has expert and experienced web developers who can work with you to help you achieve the website that you have in mind, including all the features. On top of that, we have SEO experts who will make sure that your website will reach potential clients, which is expected to improve sales in your business.
Are there hidden fees aside from the cost you provide me? Like maintenance, etc.?
All fees are included in the Scope of Work—a copy of which will be available for the client. No hidden or additional costs will be collected outside that which is in it.
Is there a lock-in period for the services you are offering?
No lock-in period, but the client needs to inform us one month before the termination of the service.
Is it necessary to have backlinks even though my business is just starting?
To cater perfectly to your questions, we would like to know what kind of business do you have aa a start-up? If for example, that is an online marketing business and you want that your website will not just get the top spot in Google, but also to increase your sales or revenue, we can help you with that. We have a team of professionals to cater your needs and make your start-up business bloom. Service guaranteed!
Do you provide sample logos that I can choose from or will the design come from me?
One of our services is logo design, yet we are really open to innovations and whatever our customer wants, we are to make it. These designs may either be from us with a few suggestions from the customer or the designs may be purely from the customer. Either way, provided that we satisfy our customer, that is our priority.
I’m a bit naive about web hosting and the server thing, how does it happen?
In essence, web hosting is the process of buying or renting space to chamber a website on the World Wide Web. Website contents such as, CSS, HTML, and other images have to be housed on a server to be in sight online.
How soon will my website generate a return on my investment?

This is probably the most frequently asked marketing question of all time. In reality, online business owners tend to overestimate their ROI for the first year, but always, they underestimate how much they can actually earn in 3 years. When you plan to expand your business online, you must have the determination to stick it out. Some just don’t have the proper mindset and just give up 3 to 6 months after they see little ROI. This is a huge mistake.

We would rather answer this question with an example. Online entrepreneurs, Steve and Jennifer Chou, made $100,000 within the first year after starting their online business selling wedding linens. They earned that big even after they made tremendous SEO mistakes. They got banned from EBay and got their account suspended from wedding forums due to spamming. After they learned how to do things right, they were able to double their sales in their second year and more than quadrupled their sales in their third year.

If the Chous earned $100,000 in their first year experimenting on their SEO techniques, can you imagine how much you can earn in your first year by having the right SEO company implementing the best SEO strategies for your online business?

If I order a basic website design, how soon can my order be available?
Once we receive all the information, allow 5 to 7days for the completion of your site and delivery of the order.