Logo Design

Make a Powerful First Impression with a Logo that Stands Out

Our logo design process involves consultation with the owner to get information on the company’s products or services, goals, values, mission, and vision to create multiple design samples. Once the owner chooses a design, the logo is finalized.

This meticulous process ensures that the logo represents the company’s core. Our professional designers ensure that each logo stands out and is noticeable at first glance.

Your One-Stop Logo Creation Solution

Symple Market offers a turnkey logo solution designed to highlight our client’s vision and their company’s business history. With our feature-rich logo design services, you can showcase the essence of your company and the products and services it offers.

Symple Market’s graphic designers will guide you through the color selection process to create a color scheme that best represents your company and grabs the customers’ attention.

We provide excellent logo design services to all businesses regardless of size and industry.

Your company needs an impactful logo now.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of a logo in a business. A logo serves as the main brand identification to recognize your company.

A logo must be attractive, attention-grabbing, and memorable to give a lasting impression.

The right logo can establish your brand’s trustworthiness and encourage repeat business.

Symple Market’s graphic designers are ready to work with you to create an impactful logo for your brand and business.

Types of logos we design

Logotypes or Wordmarks Logo

Wordmarks contains only text. This is an effective logo if the name of the business has already made a mark, is catchy and easy to remember. Examples of logotypes are Coca Cola, Google and FedEx logos.

Lettermarks or Monograms

Logos made of initials of the business name are called monograms or lettermarks. This is particularly useful for businesses with long names and makes remember or recognizing them easy. Examples are CNN, BBC, NSA, HBO and IBM logos.

Logo Symbols or Pictorial Marks

Icons or graphical symbols of real life objects such as plant, animal, or fruit, are brand marks or pictorial marks. Famous pictorial marks are Twitter, Pepsi, Apple and Android logos.

Our logo design process

  • Get to know the client and the business
  • Collect client’s requirements and provide suggestions
  • Propose solutions

  • Provide up to three versions of the logo to choose from
  • Collect client’s feedback
  • Revise the logo as many times as needed

  • Once a final version of the logo is decided, we proceed with creating a detailed and high-resolution version of the logo.

  • The logo is sent to the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden charges to your services I need to know?
In Symple Market, we stick to the agreed-upon quote and budget during the initial meeting. The price is final unless the client wishes to add more services. We calculate and provide the new price to the client. We don’t add fees or hidden charges.
Will I be updated on the Logo Design process?
When you sign up for a service, we assign your project to a manager. The project manager will keep track of the project, assuring that it stays on schedule and budget and that you are regularly updated on the progress.
How many Logo Design revisions will you make?
In Symple Market, we offer unlimited revisions to ensure that our clients get the logo they want exactly how they want it. We don’t charge for the revisions. Our only goal in providing this is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service.

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